The «OLVIA POLIS» Association- aims and means




– To give the citizens of Aegina and all of Greece the opportunity to come into contact with citizens of the countries of Europe and the world, be exposed to experiences, exchange views, participate actively and dynamically in the construction of a united Europe with consistency, coherence, solidarity and fraternity in a framework of cultural diversity and “differentness”.

-To contribute to the shaping of a modern European identity, anchored in recognized and established common values, a common history and culture, on the basis of the human person and his/her needs.

-To improve mutual understanding between citizens, through respect and dialogue, as basic elements in their membership of a thriving community of European citizens, based on the principles of freedom, democracy, justice and respect for human rights.

-To collaborate with scholarly and cultural bodies, voluntary organizations, groups in the public and private sectors, research centres and universities both in Greece and abroad for the purpose of promoting research and sensitizing public opinion of subjects related to the promotion of European ideals.

Means for the promotion of the abovementioned aims are:

1. Participation in European Union initiatives and programmes, state organizations, public bodies and international organizations for promotion of issues pertaining to projection of the European idea and European integration and collaboration with municipal, prefectural and state authorities in Greece and abroad, pan-Hellenic and international associations and citizens’ groups and with foundations, legal persons and research centres with analogous aims.

2.Implementation of programmes and meetings involving individuals, communities, organizations, groups, twinnings of cities and groups of citizens, cultural functions, exhibitions, lectures, studies, research programmes, seminars, educational programmes, public opinion surveys, publications in the press and on the internet, books, film screenings, establishment and management of libraries, so that views may be exchanged and lessons and conclusions drawn that will be conducive to the consolidation of Europe and to the success of its present and future evolution.

3.Co-ordination of the Association’s activities through continuing contact of its members with those responsible for policy making, the information media and

4.Constitution of working groups, committees of scholars and experts and other analogous bodies.

5.Use of the information media with a view to informing public opinion and providing support on subjects to do with European integration and finally every legal activity that can foster success of the Association in its objectives.